“I just wanted to thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. I had never taken an oil painting class, and after that class I feel as though I have the confidence to explore my potential. ” Jean

Elaine Lisle has been teaching workshops in en plein air painting and beginning oils since 2004. She is currently on the faculty of the Main Line Art Center in Haverford, PA and the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA


 Spring 2020 – MLAC spring class (due to COVID19)- now offered via ZOOM

Each week I will provide a short video intro and work with each of you from the comfort of your own easel at home… for more info, please fill out the form below.

Elaine will be teaching Direct Painting in oil as a 5- week ZOOM class from her studio for Main Line Art Center.
Thursday mornings 10AM-1PM
(if there is interest, an evening time slot could be added)
The basic concept is that everyone sets up a simple still life, or works on an interior or exterior landscape in small format at home.  You will need to have a laptop, ipad or cellphone. We will use Zoom, so if you can familiarize yourself with the program by trying it with friends or family first, that’s a good idea. Elaine has put together 20 minute video demo which you can watch ahead of time, which will give a basic intro to using oils. Each week Elaine will paint along with you during the 3 hour class . With Zoom running, you will have 3 hours of painting time during which I will go from person to person (similar to in an actual class) giving constructive criticism. You will show your painting on the screen and I will give you feedback. During the last 1/2 hour everyone will have a few minutes to show their painting to the group and give feedback to each other. If the weather gets nicer I may try to set up the camera and work outside for one or two sessions.
You will get ideas from the demo of what type of still life or interior you might paint, but you have complete freedom to work on whatever subject you would like.
 you will need:
1. a place to work in your home, including an easel and work table
2. a table or someplace to set up a still life, or various views you would like to paint
3. painting supplies similar to other classes you may have taken with me. (updated supply list  attached)
4. optional, but ideally a tripod or some way to keep your zoom connection set up to record your painting

WORKSHOP IN THE DORDOGNE – July 2021 -click for more info!

paint with me at a medieval castle in the South of France and be treated like a king (or queen!)

STUDIO SESSIONS: suspended during COVID19

in-studio “work on your own with critique” sessions at my studio in Manayunk. These will primarily be Monday and Thursday afternoons starting in February Please indicate your interest in the form below and I will send you more info.